Wesson laboratory

at the University of Florida

Luke Stetzik, Ph.D.

postdoctoral researcher

Heather Denson, B.S.

Biological scientist

Daniel W. Wesson, Ph.D.

ASSOCIATE professor

Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

danielwesson [at] ufl [dot] edu

Katherine Wright, Ph.D.

postdoctoral researcher


Dr. Marie Gadziola (postdoc: 2013-2016)

Dr. Kate White (PhD student: 2013-2018)

undergraduate and high school alums:

Brynn Fitzgerald, Stacey Adjei, Christina Xia, Maggie Dillione, Kavya Pai, Samantha Liu, Katherine Ma, Kara Richardson, Sonum Jagetia, Emma Dauster, Tony Yu

Hillary Cansler, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral researcher

Some of the lab at AChemS 2018

Estelle in 't Zandt

undergraduate student

Kaitlin Carlson, B.S.

ph.d. student


"Attentional modulation of olfaction in mice"

Highly motivated candidates seeking post-doctoral or graduate training are encouraged to contact Dr. Wesson directly.