Wesson laboratory

at the University of Florida

neuroscience of Olfactory system function and motivated behaviors


July 2018

Paper on the control of olfaction by selective attention online now in Current Biology. Congrats Kaitlin!

Jose Pena-Bravo from Antonieta Lavin's lab at the Medical University of South Carolina joined the lab as a postdoc. Welcome Jose!

March 2018
Katherine Wright from Mohamed Kabbaj's lab at Florida State University joined the lab as a postdoc. Welcome Katherine!

February 2018

Hillary Cansler from Julian Meek's lab at UT Southwestern joined the lab as a postdoc. Welcome Hillary!

December 2017

New preprint in bioRxiv by Katie White and collaborators in the lab's of Minghong Ma and Fuqiang Xu on cortical input to the olfactory tubercle.

The lab


Here in the Wesson Lab we explore the neural processing of sensory information in the context of behavior. This line of questioning provides an ideal platform to test specific hypotheses regarding the neural basis of sensory dysfunction in neurological disorders, including dementias and addiction, wherein sensory processing is aberrant. To accomplish these major goals, we utilize a variety of methods ranging from multi-site electrophysiological recordings from defined brain structures to cutting-edge operant behavioral assays, some of which we perform in viral/genetic models with precise neural perturbations.