Wesson laboratory

at the University of Florida

Kate White, B.S.

ph.d. student


"Functional role of an olfactory corticostriatal pathway"


Sept 25th: Sonum entered her project into the Siemen's competition. Good luck Sonum!

Sept 8th: Hillary Cansler from Julian Meek's lab at UT Southwestern will be joining the lab as a postdoc this winter!

May 12th: Olga Escanilla from Pat DiLorenzo's lab at Binghamton will be joining the lab as a postdoc this winter!

We are seeking highly motivated and creative people to tackle some major questions in neuroscience as they relate to olfaction, sensory-driven behavior, and neuroscience in general. The lab has open positions for PhD students and post-docs.
Heather Denson, B.S.

Biological scientist II

Daniel W. Wesson, Ph.D.

ASSOCIATE professor

Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics

danielwesson [at] ufl [dot] edu


Ling Ling Ma (2011-2014, high school student)

-present: Emory University Neuroscience major

Christina Xia (2011-2013, CWRU undergrad)
-present: student, Univ of Cincinnatti School of Medicine

Colleen Payton (2011-2012, research assistant)

-present: PhD student, Thomas Jefferson Univ.

Stacey Adjei (2011-2013, CWRU undergrad)

-present: Psychologist

Alex Houck (2012, Univ of South Carolina undergrad)

-present: student, NEOMED

Maggie Dillione (2012-2013 CWRU undergrad)

present: student, Lake Erie College of Medicine

Byrnn FitzGerald (2012-2014, Denison Univ undergrad)
-present: accepted to CWRU School of Medicine

Kavya Pai (2013-2015, CWRU undergrad)

Tony Yu (2015-2016, CWRU undergrad)

Angeline Xiong (2014-2016, CWRU undergrad)

Samantha Liu (2015-2017, CWRU undergrad)

Adrianna Milton (2016-2017, CWRU PhD student)

Emma Dauster (2014-2017, UMass Amherst PhD student)

Marie Gadziola (2013-2016, Instructor, Univ of Toronto, Scarborough)

Luke Stetzik, Ph.D.

postdoctoral researcher

Kaitlin Carlson, B.S.

ph.d. student


"Attentional modulation of olfaction in mice"

Lab folks at AChemS 2017

Keiko Arakawa, M.A.

Research Assistant II

Sonum Jagetia

High school student